Optimizing IT investments while constantly evolving more efficient business models is a major challenge that most organizations face today. Athen Tech Innovative software solutions across several technology platforms, help customers transform themselves to stay ahead of competition and optimize their business processes.

        Our unmatched customer-focus and value propositions backed by mature processes and Seven years of industry experience distinguish our service offerings. Complemented by our comprehensive skills and process capabilities, Athen Tech flexible solutions ensure maximum performance, greater ROI, and faster business results for our customers.

        Athen Tech SAHASRA Healthcare is a collection of state-of-the-art hospital software solutions custom-made to the specific values, processes, and challenges of the healthcare industry. We developed to fit the way you drive we encompass the industry’s leading and wide-ranging set of solutions, serving healthcare organizations gain enterprise-wide visibility for better decision making in critical areas. Athen tech hospital software SAHASRA for Healthcare solutions can help your organization improve its operational effectiveness, less risk, and operative costs, while enabling innovative business representations and patient services.

        Athen tech Hospital software was developed in Microsoft Dot Net Framework its a powerful integration and application platform, Athen tech hospital software Solutions deliver rich functionality and efficiency-enhancing tools entire your hospital. And we help you adopt the best practices SAHASRA has developed in over 6 years of working with major healthcare providers and industry leaders from around the nation.

        You can reduce risk and increase the reliability of your hospital solutions because SAHASRA for Healthcare provides the content, tools, and methodologies you need to design, measure, analyze, improve, and control your hospital. And because it offers easy integration and virtually unlimited scalability.

        Athen tech SAHASRA Hospital software Implemented at more than 100 hospitals around the nation, the SAHASRA for Healthcare solution portfolio allows hospitals to enhance efficiency through seamless process and information flows – efficiency that reduces costs and increases the amount of time spent on patient care. This hospital software cater small hospitals(clinics, Nursing Homes) segment to Network based Hospital giants as well corporate Enterprise healthcare to Public healthcare Systems. This SAHASRA hospital software having an unique technological salient features involved in the entire solution.

        Athen tech Hospital software prioritizes for NABL, NABH, CAP standards. This hospital software is interfacing with all IT Gadgets like Mobile hand healed devices, Memory cards, smart cards, Kiosk and many more IT infrastructure devices. Athen tech SAHASRA Hospital software developed transforming its organization model into an integrated and flexible one. This SAHASRA hospital software provides the comprehensive set of solutions.

        Athen tech hospital software runs on any kind of Microsoft Operating systems like windows 98 to windows 2008 operating system. This software is developed in 3-tier-architecture. This hospital software is Guaranteed to Management to 33% cost saving and recovery model. This hospital software was developed of Highly qualified Doctors as functional team and CA, Company secretariats are the behind backbone of accounting system as the team.

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