General Stores ( Non-medical Inventory)

The General stores module handles transactions related to all non – medical inventory in a hospital. The module helps in tracking the inward / outward goods, stock level, cost of inventory and fast moving and non fast moving items etc., for planning avoiding unnecessary stock pileups.

General stores

Purchase reports.

1.Day wise purchases.
2. Supplier wise purchases.
3. Item wise purchases.
4. Category wise purchases.
5. Manufacture wise purchases.
6. Item type wise purchases.
7. Free items purchase.

Purchase return reports

1. Day wise purchase returns.
2. Supplier wise purchase returns.
3. Item wise purchase returns.
4. Category wise purchase returns.
5. Manufacture wise purchase returns.
6. Item type wise purchase returns.

Stock Reports

1. Item wise reports (current items, all items, zero stock).
2. Manufacture wise.
3. Category wise stock.
4. Rol details (re-order quantity).
5. Value added tax (purchase vat, purchase return vat).
6. Item ledger.
7. Stock usage.

Financial Reports

1. Purchase Wise.
2. Purchase Returns Wise.
3. Purchase Dues.
4. Payment Mode.

Department Issues

1. Day wise,itemwise.

Purchase management reports.

1.Day Quotation.
2.Supplier Wise Quotation.
3.Item Wise Quotation.
4.Day Wise PO.
5.Supplier Wise PO.
6.Item Wise PO.
7.Sub Item Type Wise PO
8.Day Wise Consignment.
9.Supplier Wise Consignment.
10.Item Wise Consignment.
11.Item Type Wise Consign.
12.Sub Item Type Wise Consignment.
13.PO Item Pendings.
14.PO Status.

Indent Reports

1. Day Wise Indent.
2. Dept Wise Indent.
3. Item Wise Indent

Gatepass Reports.

1. Out-Wards.
2. In-Wards.
3. Returnable Items.
4. Non Returnable Items.
5. Pending Items.
6. Returned Items.


1. SupplierWiseReport.
2. SupplierItemWiseReport.
3. ItemWiseSupplierListReport.
4. Supplier Wise Price Tracking Report.