Central Pharmacy

The Hospital Pharmacy Material Management department controlled by Central Pharmacy has four service channels:
1) OPD Pharmacy
2) IPD Pharmacy
3) OT Pharmacy
4) Wards Pharmacy

Central Pharmacy

In the central pharmacy, the primary activities comprise of collecting the quotations from various suppliers, update in the system, choose best supplier through analysis. Once the supplier has been confirmed, it generates a purchase order with terms and conditions. Once the Material received based on purchase order, the next process is stock taking into the system through purchase Receipt. The purchase receipt is accepted the stock is added into online inventory.


Purchase Order ( Direct\Quotation)
Purchase Returns
Department Issues
Department Returns
Purchase Payments


Supplier Wise Quotations between date
Medicine wise quotation between date
Day wise Purchase
Supplier wise purchases
Medicine wise supplier
Manufacturer wise medicine
Tax Category wise purchase
Item Type wise purchases
Free Product wise purchases
Purchase Order day wise
Purchase order med wise

Stock Reports

Medicine Expires In between dates
Medicine expires days count wise
Medicine expires rack and tray
category wise stock report
Medicine wise stock report
Current Item List
Manufacturer wise stock
ROL report
Zero Stock report
Statutory reports like Purchase VAT, Sales VAT with Internal Audit Reports.
and many more customized and demographical reports